CBI full form || What is the full form of CBI ? || CBI filltofull.com

CBI full form || What is the full form of CBI ? || CBI filltofull.com

CBI full form || What is the full form of CBI ? || CBI filltofull.com

 CBI full form name INDIA is :

Central Bureau of Investigation.

 CBI full form in Hindi is(CBI ka full form) :

  केंद्रीय जांच ब्यूरो(Kendriya janch byuro).


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Hey everyone reading this article, so the word of this article is  and we going to know something about it and if you want to know more then i gave you some suggestions that from where you get more details. So  is a Investigation group of INDIA, assign by government, supreme court of India and sometimes by the state government too(**know the full form of RPSC). This particular branch of police(**not police but do same work as Police) so this is so popular in India and every time  assign for investigation of  some important case loe Rape, money laundering, fraud, and etc. Now let's know the full form of  or as i say it "every possible full form of ".

All Full forms of CBI :

  • Commercial Bank International  >>>  Business
  • Central Bukidnon Institute  >>>  Academic
  • College Basketball Invitational   >>>  Sports 
  • Central Bank of Iraq   >>>   Business
  • Cosmic Background Imagery  >>>   Academic 
  • Central Bank of India   >>>  Business
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron   >>>>    Business
  • Confederation for British Industry   >>>    Organizations
  • Central Bank of Iran   >>>>    Business
  • Central Bank of Ireland    >>>>    Business
  • Charles Babbage Institute    >>>     Academic 
  • Cape Barren Island Airport    >>>    Travel
  • California Bureau of Investigation   >>>>    Governmental Department
  • Center for Biomedical Imaging      >>>>>   Academic 


CBI full form || What is the full form of CBI ? || What is CBI || CBI filltofull.com

  • CBI is Formed in 1941 as  Special Police.
  • CBI works under Jurisdiction of Government of India.
  • THE Headquarter of CBI is New Delhi, India.
  • The Motto of CBI is  (Industry, Impartiality, Integrity).
  • The number of Employees Sanctioned in CBI is around 7300(*not acurate).
  • The estimated Annual budget of CBI is ₹802.19 crore (US$112.5 million) .
  • The Crime branch Indian executive is Rishi Kumar Shukla(IPS), Director General


CBI full form || What is the full form of CBI ? || CBI filltofull.com

  • Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) is not originally known as CBI, at first government make a Special Police Establishment(SPE) in 1941 when India is the colony of Britishers and back then (SPE) work for britishers and their functions were to investigate cases of corruption and bribery etc during world war 2nd.
  • The DSPE i.e. Department of Special police establishment aquired it's present day name, CBI through HOME MINISTRY of INDIA at 1963.
  • The Founder director of CBI was Shree DMP Kohli.



People also ask:

Q) What is salary of CBI officer?

Ans) It depends upon your post/rank.

Q) How can I become a CBI officer?

Ans) First you have to clear UPSC exam and then you have to choose your service branch if you are smart and active enough then you definitely get into CBI.

Q) What is difference between CBI and CID?

Ans) CBI is an agency of the Central Government,  whereas (CID) is a police investigation and intelligence department in a state. For the full form of CID follow our website.

Q) How can I join CBI after 12th?

Ans) To join in CBI officer You need to crack CGPE(Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam).

TO know more:

To know more about CBI please go to this link i given here >>> WIKIPEDIA.

And for go to CBI's official website click here >>>  CLICK HERE

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Did you wanna go to CBI and solve some of the major cases of INDIA? let me know. Whom you prefer to go for CBI or CID? I love to get into CBI and solve some major and high profile cases and help my country.


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