Full form of LOVE. What is Love?

Full form of LOVE. What is Love?

Full form of LOVE. What is Love?


  1. full form
  2. what is love
  3. whom you love the most
  4. conclusion

Full form of love:

Hey welcome back, so the word for today is LOVE. Today we are going to know the Full form of LOVE.
Hey you did love someone right but did you know the full form of it, I know may be this full form is not certified but it’s our decision what we certified and what we don’t, if you like this full form then do comment I know you won’t. Before that I clear you that love does not have any full form, people make their own full form on the behalf of their feelings.
There is no single Full form of LOVE.

First full form:

L: Loss
O: Of
V: Valuable
E: Energy

Second full form:

L: Land of Sorrow
O: Ocean of Tears
V: Valley of Death
E: End of Life

Third full form:

L: Lack
O: Of
V: Valuable
E: Education

Forth Full form:

     L: Long Lasting
O: Original
V: Valuable
E: Emotion

Fifth full form:

          L : Life's
O: Only
V: Valuable
E: Emotion

Sixth full form:

L: Life
O: Of
V: Very
E: Emotional Person 


What is LOVE?  :

I don’t know that what really LOVE is but I know one thing if you love someone or something then you do always what best for it/them. Love is not only word it is our feeling to express to possess and impress (this is so deep or just bull sh*t) I don’t know.

Whom you love the most:

In my opinion everybody love the most to their life bcoz we all fear of dying bcoz we love our self which is a great thing but loving only our self is not great start loving other also.


Love is a greatest gift from god so keep spreading it. Tell me something whom you love the most before yourself.
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