full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

Full form of PJ is:


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  • Full form
  • What they are for?
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Hey guys today we know the full form of “P.J” in case you not already read the first line of this Article which is the full form, forget it no not full the form but yeah let’s talk about it. So the “PJ” might be used for any things like you read in the 1st line I tell you that in next Para.

Full form:


     P: POOR
     J: JOKES

full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?


full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

   So this is a term for pants that used to wear casually at night or even outside I don’t really know that, ‘coz I am not a female probably. Don’t worry I attach a picture with it right here below this Para, in case you don’t know.


-- What are they for?

full form of PJ - what does PJ stands for?

  1.  I tell you about each one of them, no not really ‘coz I gonna tell you about only two of them i.e. POOR JOKES AND PAJAMAS.

POOR JOKES: AS it seems like, this is a word for bad or not good jokes (not good or poor probably the same word, I don’t care I tell you what I wanna to) so this word is relatable for many places like if someone crack a really bad/ lame/ cliche jokes then you call it a POOR JOKE. POOR JOKES might be negative or adult and they can be good jokes in the sense of adult comedy, but remember this world does not have only adult people so in the eyes of children’s  they are bad and poor. That’s all I have for this word, no more explanation come on this is a full form website not explanation one.

PAJAMAS: I don’t think I had to explain more about this word after showing the picture, picture is enough to explain you everything if you wanna know more I gave you the references where you know more, girls you like more that ‘coz it’s your dress (I am not being son maninst, that’s what I call opposite of feminist these days might be it’s not cool but yeah that’s all I have).

Questions asked generally:

IF you want answers then let me know, otherwise I can’t do ‘coz I am a lazy guy.
  • What does PJ stand for in PJ Masks?
  • Who makes the best pajamas?
  • What is the best quality pajamas for women?
  • What are the most comfortable pajamas? 
  • What are the best Women's pajamas?
  • What are PJ’s?
  • PJ’s full meaning.
  • PJ stands for.



So hey did you lie these words? If you don’t know about these words before and wanna know more then I gave you some external links below you can checkout them. Keep learning, keep growing with filltofull.com

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