NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?

NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?

NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO? 

NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?

Full form of NGO is:



ii. Full form
iii. What are NGOs
iv. Partition of NGOs
v. NGO fact
vi. Why NGOs help others
viii. Q&A on GOOGLE
ix. Types of NGOs
x. Conclusion


Hey guys today we know the full form of NGO, apparently you know that but i tell you something more few things.


NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?


  • N: NON 

Full form of NGO in Hindi is  गैर सरकारी संगठन

What are NGO's:

NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?

 so as it's full form says it is an Non governmental organisation which helps other's who need help with anything, like if someone is poor then these NGO's help them with food or anything like that. these NGO's also work for animals and welfare of animals, they do some amazing job.They are really help others, without any agenda. You can also be part of them i don't know how but you better search by yourself OK, there might be few in your city, might be you know some NGO's.

Partition of NGO's:

NGO's take part to make our society good for everyone, i mean they do tings that helps and good for public. and the coolest thing are they are not only limited to our cities or state they do their works on International level also for the good.

NGO fact:

  1. USA is the country with highest number of NGO's as Approx 1.5 million NGO's work there.
  2. BRAC is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) in the world.

      3. 10 Popular NGO's:

NGO full form. - what is the full form of NGO?

  • BRAC.
  • Wikimedia Foundation. 
  • Acumen Fund. 
  • Danish Refugee Council. 
  • Partners In Health. 
  • Ceres.
  • CARE International.
  • Médecins Sans Frontières

     4. International NGO's:

  • United Nations.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) .
  • European Union (EU) .
  • World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • Group of Twenty (G20).
  • International Criminal Court (ICC).

Why NGOs help others:

They help us because they wanted society to be good and poorest have not to suffer, as we live in fast world where rarely help others so they have to do this on our behalf. But it's our duty too that we help other's also. This is NGOs who help others, and one more thing these NGOs get help from government also, as i mention NGOs are non governmental but government helps them so they do not gets any trouble with their work


What is NGO explain in Hindi?
How many types of NGO are there?
How can I join a NGO?
What are the aims of NGOs?
How do NGO workers get paid?


  1. CAN i join NGO's :  YES 
  2. Can I join with ngo I am interested ngo jobs : YES

Types of NGO's:

  • BINGO: Business-friendly international NGO or Big international NGO
  • SBO: Social benefit organization, a goal-oriented designation
  • TANGO: Technical assistance NGO
  • GONGO: Government-organized non-governmental organization
  • DONGO: Donor-organized NGO
  • INGO: International NGO
  • Quango: Quasi-autonomous NGO, set up and funded by the government. Prevalent in the UK (where there are more than 1,200), the Republic of Ireland, and the Commonwealth.
  • National NGO: An NGO which exists in only one country; they are rare.
  • CSO: Civil society organization
  • ENGO: Environmental NGO, such as Greenpeace and the WWF.
  • NNGO: Northern (UK) NGO
  • PANGO: Party NGO, addressing political matters
  • SNGO: Southern (UK) NGO
  • SCO: Social change organization
  • TNGO: Transnational NGO; coined during the 1970s due to the increase of environmental and economic issues in the global community. TNGOs exist in two (or more) countries.
  • GSO: Grassroots Support Organization
  • MANGO: Market advocacy NGO
  • NGDO: Non-governmental development organization
  • PVDO: Private voluntary development organization.


NOTE: Want some other information about NGO's then go to WIKIPEDIA.


Did you ever work in NGO's or  wanna to be? I really appreciate the work they doing and you should too and wanna join NGO's ASAP. Make your society good for all, where we live peacefully.



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