Full form of MBBS || Full form of NEET || What is MBBS?

Full form of MBBS || Full form of NEET || What is MBBS?

Full form of MBBS. Full form of NEET. What is MBBS?


Full form
Students qualify for MBBS

Full form:-

Hey guys I am back with other topic and the topic for today is Full form of MBBS. In case you don’t know what MBBS is, I tell you that so MBBS is a medical course in all around the world, yeah it’s about the entire world. MBBS is very high profile course like B.Tech, in MBBS lots of children’s appear and wanna qualify but seats are very few so not everybody can achieve it no, the exam here in India you have to clear is NEET  ok without further dew let’s check out the word you coming for.
  1. Full form Of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
  2. Full form of NEET is  National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

Students qualify for MBBS:-

India (from 2018) has currently as registration in Medical Council of India. In which 479, 221 are government colleges and 258 are private colleges. 15% of all college seats are filled by central government and remaining seats are filled by state governments for government colleges. Fees for government seats differ from 12,000 to 2, 80,000  per year depending on college. For private colleges tuition fees lie between from Rs.3, 80,000 to 21, 00,000 per year.


So the basic qualification is you have to pass in all subject and you had Physics, Chemistry, and biology in your 12th standard is necessary.


So if you prepare for MBBS then what branch you wanna choose? If you don’t know the full form of INTERNET then click here. and stop please  support doctor's who fight for us in this pandemic condition like Coronavirus.

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