Full form of DP || What is D.P in social media? || DP fillltofull.com

Full form of DP || What is D.P in social media? || DP fillltofull.com

Full form of DP. What is D.P?

Full form of DP. What is D.P?


  • Full form
  • Where we put D.P
  • Conclusion


  • Hey guys I am back with another topic or you may also call it word basically it’s a word, so the word that we know the full form of today is DP. What is DP photo in whats-app or Facebook, So now you come to know that today we have to find out the full form of DP. Did you use DP picture? Comment down below.
  • So you all use this word not thoroughly but practically you all have whats-app right or Facebook or even Instagram, yeah you all have, so DP is basically the picture that you put in your profile and DP is a cover photo that seen/appears in front to everyone. Or dp full form pic whats-app.
Full form of DP is  Display Picture.
  • And stop stop I have English to Tamil translation of D.P. Tamil to English meaning of D.P is டி.பி.
  • D= display
  • P= Picture
  • So now you that hmm, checkout some other stuff.

Where we put DP’s:-

Full form of DP. What is D.P?
  • We put DP's in Whats-app, Facebook, Instagram or may be the picture we put in Google profile can count as DP, let me know in the comments. Did you know the full form of DP in whats-app before?


  • DP is frequently used by people using social media but they don’t even know the full form of them, do you? OK did you know the full from ofINTERNET that you all are using??



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