Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.

Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.

Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.


  1. Full form of ATM
  2. What are ATM and their Work/use
  3. History of ATM
  4. Conclusion


Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.
  • Hey guys I am back with another topic so the topic of today or word for today that we have to find out the full form of is ATM. So tell me one thing that did you guys have debit card or ATM card basically write down in the comment. So you all know the that ATM is very useful invention and it help us a lot, but did you really know the Full form of ATM. OK if you don’t know then I tell you that but before that if you don’t know the Full form of OK then go checkout.
  • THE FULL FORM OF ATM IS Automated Teller Machine
  • A:-Automated
  • T:-Teller
  • M:- Machine
  • So now you know then I wanna discuss with you something.

What are ATM and their work:-

Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.
  • So ATM is a machine that is provided by banks to make people used it, and people used it to deposit Cash or Withdraw cash that is basically money, because human love money now days which is soo mean.

History of ATM:-

  • The ATM made its debut or first seen in the branch in north London in June 1967 at Barclays' En field Town, and invented by British inventor John Shepherd-Barron. The story was that once Mr. Shepherd-Barron saw vending machines selling chocolate bars and he that why the similar formula couldn’t be used to withdraw cash from a machine then he thinks about it and invented ATM.


Full form of ATM. Meaning of ATM.
  • So the point is we use ATM and we withdraw cash from it, so did you always hide your PIN from others or you casually Insert your PIN and don’t care about it anyway if you did then leave this type of practices now and immediately because it’s not a great idea secure your stuff by hacking in the era of Internet, hey did you know the FULL form Of INTERNET. CHECKOUT.

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