Full form of Yahoo. And it's Uses

Full form of Yahoo. And it's uses.

Full form of Yahoo. And it's Uses

~Full form of Yahoo:

  1. Full form of Yahoo
  2. Uses of Yahoo
  3. Conclusion

1)Full form of Yahoo:

  • Hey everyone did you ever use Yahoo search engine, yes oh that's great but you ever think that may be Yahoo has a full form? If you do so then that is great and if you don't and wanna know about it then raise your hand😃, ahh don't do that because there is no class running here. So coming to the point, did you wanna know the full form of Yahoo.
Full form of Yahoo. And it's Uses
  • The full form of Yahoo is (Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle)

  • Y =Yet
  • A =Another
  • H =Hierarchically
  • O =Organised
  • O =Oracle
  • Yaah now you gotta know haan, tell me honestly that you ever think about this before or you know about this now only let me know in the comments, and do comment it's necessary.
  • hey did you ever think about google, or you know the full form of Google? Click to know. 
  • Hey did you guys know the full form of WWW?
  • This word in Yahoo "hierarchical" describe/defines, how the Yahoo database is/was arranged in layers of sub categories.
@Full form of BC
@ Full form of OK

2)Uses of Yahoo:

Full form of Yahoo. And it's Uses

•So we use Yahoo as search engine and it is second largest search engine after Google so this search engine is very good for surfing and this is good for young blogger or website holders because it is not that competitive as Google and here you rank easily. So go check out Yahoo once again.
•And more Yahoo was formed/found in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo.


•If you ever use Yahoo then let me know and use search engine like Yahoo for your benefit not for your loss. Yahoo is a great search engine and you do so great with it.

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