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OLL KORRECT(All Correct)

Full for of OK.
  • Have you ever thought about OK,that it is just a small word but having great impact.
        so if you never thought about it or thought it then i gonna tell you the full form of OK.

  • FULL FORM OF OK is oll korrect.
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Full for of OK.

  • I know this is not satisfactory to you all, i have something else about you like story.
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 1) PERSON:  HEY are you OK(Okay)?

 2) INCIDENT : Sam fall from his bike.
     RAM: Hey buddy are you all right, did you hurt?
     SAM: YES buddy i am OK(okay), feeling good now.

3)  MATTY: Good Morning Sir.
     SIR: Please sit down Matty.
     Matty : OK sir.

4) VK: Hey brother can i come to your place today for playing soccer.
    Other Guy : OK.


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